Venture building

Launch and scale commercially viable ventures

Set up sustainable new ventures. Conduct structured pilots, beta and commercial launches.

Build a business, not just a product

Products don’t run themselves, good businesses do. Partner with our team of product, engineering and growth experts to test and scale your idea into a high performing business.  Depending on your capability, we curate the right team to co-create with you. Our style of partnership builds your internal capability to fast track the growth of future start-ups.

Systematically de-risk your venture

As you experiment and learn you will need to constantly reassess the viability of your venture.  By implementing short cycle times with clear “go” or “no-go” decisions, we help to systematically de-risk your innovation.

Start-up in a box

Tap into on-demand talent, to plug and play with our hardware startup-in-a-box.  Access experts in business modelling, product, soft/hardware development and marketing. We’ve seen first hand that talented, small nimble teams can achieve the same as larger teams in half the time. By recruiting the right people and giving them the authority to self-manage, you give yourself the greatest chance of success.

Integrate with the core

Ensure the venture has full alignment with your organisational strategy from day one. We work closely with you and your broader stakeholders to achieve milestones and resources required to fuel each stage of growth. Nurture a full integration with the corporation once the startup is growing and scaling. We ensure you transition from consultant-assisted to full-time business team members to build mid-long term viability.


Workplace AI safety in the workplace

A global leader in construction materials needed to make an offensive move in workplace safety.

Bright Path AI is  builds upon a Boral safety initiative known as Angel-i. The service sought to monitor exclusion zones on worksites using AI with the view to driving behavioural change leading to materially better safety outcomes. 

After experiencing some performance hurdles, Boral sought assistance from Firetail, experts in innovation and venture building.

Since the beginning of 2020, Firetail and a Boral team have taken an embryonic technology and turned it into a market leading commercially-ready solution. In parallel, efficient operating and commercial functions have been stood up to realise Bright Path AI as an independent business.

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