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Scentre Group: optimising loyalty in retail

A digital wallet with over 100 top-tier rewards program drives pivotal touch points for increased foot traffic and sales.

The challenge

Despite over $5bn annual spend, the Australian loyalty landscape is fragmented and littered with complications. The volume of programs consumers belong to and the lack of personalisation makes it difficult to realise the full value on offer.

  • Almost 80% of marketing emails go unopened
  • 75% of people are dissatisfied with the generic offers they receive

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to communicate and engage with a brand’s most valuable customers, and many don’t have the means to cut through the saturation with meaningful offers that drive higher ROI.

Loyalty members generate 60-80% of retail revenue

Our approach

Our advisors worked with Scentre group to define strong solution sets through customer-centric framework, allowing us to match real market need to Scentre’s business strategy, product, and best-practice tech architecture. To rapidly validate the product-market fit, we launched an MVP in under 4 months, including:

  • iOS and Android app on React Native
  • Development of a customised CMS to enable the client to continually evolve the interface, including best-in-class organic growth features.
  • Iterative optimisation: planned and executed quarterly product roadmaps for first 7 months in market.
  • Best-in-class analytics that supports retention through gap analysis between existing user behaviours and desired business outcomes
  • A growth strategy, enabling us to reach the first 30k users and building the foundations for scale
  • Guided the recruitment of strong founding team, ensuring the venture has the right skill set to adapt to a highly competitive environment.


Consumers can now engage with over 100 top-tier rewards programs in one place, including Cotton On, Flybuys, Priceline, Qantas Frequent Flyer, Woolworths, Hoyts, MyerOne, Strandbags and IKEA.

WhatsMine has become a highly rated app: the rewards feed and digital wallet removes multiple pain points. But most of all, people are loving that it helps them unearth rewards they didn’t even know they had.

With loyalty members generating 60-80% of retail revenue, WhatsMine is giving retail tenants a pivotal touchpoint with consumers to increase foot traffic and sales.

See more or download the app on apple and android.

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