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Fast-tracking a turnkey Innovation Lab for Australia’s leading Telco

We built a turnkey set-up for a multi-million dollar innovation facility: Telstra needed to kick start its search for significant growth revenue.

The challenge

NBN and competitive pressures were forcing Telstra to move from being a Telco into become a world class technology company, and fast. That means so much more than showcasing the latest gadgets and tech toys – it means efficiently finding and launching business models that will contribute heavily to a multi-billion dollar bottom line. How do you create momentum quickly from a cold start? The answer is not “we will do it all for you” – it is working together within the available resource constraints to build a high performing team, together.

Our approach

We rapidly deployed an experienced team to lead innovation opportunities with Telstra and its largest customers, while embedding and growing the function to be self-sustaining. Using our build-while-delivering approach, we delivered measurable innovation outcomes, while simultaneously building out all of layers of a great innovation function – teams, governance, leadership, cadence, tools, measurement. We also delivered innovation thesis, metrics and project pipeline assessment. All this with a team of 4, largely because we focus on outcomes, not powerpoint decks. Time from engagement to completed delivery of first projects: 6 weeks A full, high performing internal innovation capability recruited, trained and embedded within 6 months Co-innovation sessions run with multi-national customers in fields such as AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, data exchange, Agtech (some of which contributed directly to multi-million dollar contract renewals) Three emerging technologies designed in first eight months have been commercialised at scale as enterprise platforms.

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