Creating a $100m fintech incubator in South Africa

In partnership with RMI holdings, we launched the first fintech incubator in South Africa.

The challenge

Build a $100 million fintech incubator, driving the development of new disruptive revenue streams for the client, and foster a culture of innovation in South Africa.

Our approach

We used our depth of experience as entrepreneurs to help structure the overall approach, business model and incubation model.

We adopted an end-to-end approach in our design:

  • Developed strategies to encourage the grassroots entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Scanned the market for opportunities
  • Made investment decisions
  • Incubated ideas through the build, optimise and scale stages of development
  • Developed budgets for setup, operating and incubation
  • Developed an organisational structure and a strategy for supporting and mentoring businesses using lean startup and design thinking principles
  • Designed the physical space

The incubator was launched in pilot form and has since been scaled to full operational model.

The incubator currently houses over 30 businesses – giving them a safe environment to experiment, share, access funding, engage mentors and access open platforms and APIs.

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